Selected Publications

  • Holzer, J. and McConnell, K. 2020. “Welfare with Imperfect Foreknowledge: The Case of Risk Aversion”, Land Economics, 96(1): 43-55.
  • Holzer, J. and Byler, K. 2019. “Deepwater Horizon Oceanic Fish Restauration Project: An Application of Market Mechanisms for Conservation”, Marine Policy, 108:1-9.
  • Holzer, J. and G. DePiper. 2019. “Intertemporal Quota Arbitrage in Multispecies Fisheries”, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 93:185-207.
  • Holzer, J. and Q. Qu. 2018. “Confidence of the Trembling Hand: Bayesian Learning with Data Poor Stocks”, Natural Resource Modeling
  • Holzer, J., G. DePiper, and D. Lipton. 2017. “Buybacks with Costly Participation”, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 85:130-145.
  • Holzer, J. and K. McConnell. 2017. “Risk Preferences and Compliance in Recreational Fisheries”, with Kenneth McConnell, Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists,4(S1):1-35.
  • Holzer, J. 2017. “Harvest Reporting, Timely Information and Incentives for Technology Adoption”, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 99(1):103-122.
  • Holzer, J. and K. McConnell. 2016. “A model of Access in the Absence of Markets”, The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics, 16(1):367-388.
  • Holzer, J. 2015. “Property Rights and Choice: The Case of the Fishery”, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 97(4):1175-1191.
  • Holzer, J. and K. McConnell. 2014. “Harvest Allocation without Property Rights”, Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, 1(1):209-232.
  • Holzer, J., D. Lipton, and O. François. 2013. “Rent-Seeking and Incentives for Compliance in the Commons”, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 2013, 95(1):117-130.

Selected Working Papers

  • “Precautionary Buffers and Stochastic Dependence in Environmental Policy”, with Lars Olson (revise and resubmit Journal of Environmental Economics and Management).
  • “Extraction Rights Allocation with Liquidity Constraints”, with Kenneth McConnell (under review).
  • “Food and Fraud: On the Codfather and Harvest Mislabeling”, with Geret DePiper (under review).
  • “Sector Allocations: Harnessing Incentives for Collective Action in the Commons”

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